About Me

Ever since my childhood I’ve been fascinated by photographs. I especially love angles, and I always try to compose an image that will capture and keep the viewer’s attention. I find fascination in unusual places. 

I love macro work because it gives us a view which we’re not used to. 

I love unusual colours and shapes, and lines which lead the eye to a single point – to me it all speaks to purpose, and ultimately even hope. 

I love symmetry, though I realize that there is also a time for the unruly in our lives. 

All around us are images of the unknown and the unexplored. It doesn’t matter what you find, as long as you find it, and it doesn’t matter what a photograph means to the photographer (although a little pride is allowed from time to time) it only matters what it means to the viewer. 

To hunt and peck and seek out the images is my pleasure. I truly hope that showing them to you is yours. 

Into the Future 

Constructive comments are always welcome.



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